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Of course, Red Sector isn't the only place to get your Babylon 5 RPG fix! You'll find all sorts of interesting pieces to help play the game here. If you want your site listed here, drop us a line via the Contact Us link.

"New System" d20 Babylon 5 Sites
OFFICIAL SITE: Mongoose Publishing
The publisher of the new d20 Babylon 5 RPG. Includes character sheets, errata, previews, etc. Order their books via their site.
OFFICIAL SITE: Free material from Mongoose
Go to the section titled "Ultimate Character Record Sheet" for an 8 page, printer friendly version of the Babylon 5 sheet.
Babylon Project mailing group
A Yahoo Groups mailing list dedicated to the d20 game, as well as the original Babylon Project by CEE. A dedicated following.

System Independent Sites
The Babylon 5 Tech-Manual
Tech details for all the B5 races and their vessels. Detail rich, great for GMs!
The Gamer's Guide to Babylon 5
Detailed information on the Babylon 5 station, for use in any game.
RPG Sheets
Find downloadable Character Sheets for just about any game including B5. Various formats.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The most famous archive of Babylon 5 information, including episode guides.

"Old System" Babylon Project Sites
Babylon Project Unofficial Rules
A few extra rules for the original game system by CEE. A good resource.
Babylon Project mailing group
Originally this list took over from CEE's defunct official list. This list has recently included the d20 game in its charter, but Old School is still welcome.
Babylon 5 and the Babylon Project
An archive of extra rules, ships stats, even copies of the PDF character sheets.

Other System Sites
Aroooo's Babylon 5 Hero
A Babylon 5 conversion for the 5th Edition Hero System rules.

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