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Welcome to RED SECTOR

Since 1997, Red Sector has offered Babylon 5 fans free, unofficial roleplaying game material, initially for Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment (CEE)'s "The Babylon Project" system.

But nothing is forever, and The Babylon Project died a difficult death due to a lack of printed material thanks to financial problems.

That was five years ago. Fast forward to 2003, and Mongoose Publishing is offering Babylon 5 gamers a d20 version of the universe we have come to know so well. And with the rejuvenation of the Babylon 5 role play scene, comes a new Red Sector.

Red Sector has been redesigned and relaunched. We are now focusing solely on Roleplaying games, offering both the new (d20) and the old (Babylon Project) modules. Of course, these materials are unofficial, fan written supplements, supporting these great games. For official material, check out Mongoose's web site under our links page.

Good eating to you!

First d20 B5 module
August 16, 2003. Details of Red Sector's first d20 Babylon 5 module have been announced.
d20 Babylon 5 section
August 6, 2003. Red Sector has opened its new d20 module section to support Mongoose's new game. Also, complete site redesign.

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